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What is is a completely free service which brings together vegan money. We are here to link vegan companies with the vegan public.

Who is is a collaborative project. Major contributors are vegan chef and shampoo artist, Athena Baier, vegan attorney in training, Dan Verkhlin, and vegan web developer, Chris Clower. Athena is the heart of the operation. Dan has written much of the content for the site, and Chris develops the brains. is also the combined effort of all of the vegan owned and operated businesses out there. Thanks for all your help!

Who started

I've lived a meat free lifestyle for more than ten years. I started my vegan business, Howard's Vegan Soap in 2005 as a way to provide myself and those I knew with high quality vegan soaps. Since then, I have been very interested in finding ways to allow vegans to easily spend their money on vegan products.

More about

The website went online in March of 2008. Originally, it was just a list of vegan owned and operated companies. A lot of work has been done on the site, but it has been put it on hold during my travels in Central and South America. I'm now back, and with the amazing help I have had, the site is starting to grow again. One day, we hope to include the ability for companies to make changes to their listings, and a place for vegans to post their resumes. If any vegans out there think they can help, let me know!