Welcome to Vegan Jobs Online! I'm so happy you've come to visit. This website is brand new, so make sure you check back often for updates!

I have built this site to accomplish a few goals. First, I would like to compile a list of vegan owned companies. This can be in any business as long as it is vegan owned and the business is not un-vegan. Lawyers, doctors, store owners, craft makers, whatever it may be.. Anything! I want a place where vegans can go to get an idea of services that are offered by vegans!

Secondly, I would eventually like to have vegan job listings available. This will basically be a list of vegan companies who are looking to hire vegans.

Our project is underway! Make sure you check out the listings page, and send me an email to let us know how we're doing!

Are you a vegan who owns your own business? Possibly a law practice? Any vegan doctors? Anyone own a vegan shop or cafe? A flower company, crafts, anything? Whatever it may be, if you are the owner, you are vegan, and your business is not un-vegan, let me know and I'll list you!

There is no charge, so if you are interested, just give me a short description of your business and goals, and possibly a little about yourself and I'll post it. Also, if you have any ideas for other companies, or if you yourself are looking to hire, please let me know! I appreciate any help I can get on this. My email is Howard@Howardsvegansoap.com, I hope to hear from you soon!