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About Veganism

Why is Veganism Important?

To be vegan is to consume only products which are not derived from or produced using animal products or byproducts. This means that one who is vegan will abstain from purchasing and eating all flesh directly from an animal (red meat, poultry, fish) and any item which is necessarily produced by an animal (dairy, eggs, honey, etc.). A vegan will also not purchase or wear attire produced from animal parts or byproducts, which includes furs, leather, suede, wool, cashmere, etc. Lastly, to the best of a vegan’s knowledge and abilities, he/she will not purchase and consume products which either include animal byproducts or animal testing in their production. Examples include many hygiene product brands and a number of candies.

For someone who is not vegan and/or does not personally know any vegans, this type of lifestyle may seem unnecessarily arduous and time consuming. Before becoming vegetarian initially and then a vegan myself, I viewed maintaining such a lifestyle as an overwhelming challenge. I personally went from a diet of eating meat, or at least an animal byproduct, at every meal of every day, to vowing to never consume an animal derived product again.

Unfortunately, the transition to wholly giving up animal products stands in opposition to the way most of us have consumed since adolescence and a great majority of the population continues to consume. However, combined with maintaining a balanced diet, becoming vegan indisputably changes your life for the better, saves countless numbers of other innocent lives from oppression and torture, and massively helps to heal our wounded planet.

Those who have either never even contemplated giving up animal consumption, or who have viewed doing so as too great a burden to endure, as I had for 90% of my life, need simply to shift their focus off of the challenges of being vegan and focus rather on the priceless and numerous rewards. We need to be and stay vegans, for our hearts, our minds, and our planet.

Our Hearts

Many of the most pervasive chronic and terminal illnesses of developed countries can simply be avoided or greatly discouraged by not consuming animals and their products. The risk of heart disease is cut in half by being a vegan. Our cholesterol level is 35% lower on average than the general population, making it nearly impossible for us to have a heart attack. We are three times less likely to have high blood pressure.

Vegan death rates from cancer are one-half to three-fourths that of the general population. Certain types of cancer, in particular, are greatly discouraged by being vegan. These include breast cancer, lung cancer, and most notably colon cancer. Also, vegans have more white blood cells, called "natural killer cells," which seek out and destroy cancer cells.

Vegans, both male and female, have an average body weight that is 3 to 20% lower than meat eaters, and we live six to ten years longer than meat eaters. It is important to note that these findings are not from research done by obscure groups of scientists; rather, they are the findings of researchers for groups like the Centers for Disease Control, the American Dietetic Association, and the American Institute for Cancer Research.

Our Minds

Most of us would likely feel uneasy about being personally responsible for violently ending thousands of innocent lives. Yet, for the average meat eating American, this is an unavoidable consequence of their diet. In the United States alone, the annual number of animals slaughtered for food, as reported by the USDA, is about 10 billion! That number is so large that, at least for me, it’s simply incomprehensible. Note that it also fails to account for animals that are discarded for various reasons and all seafood! Let’s break it down.

The slaughter of 10 billion animals a year is over 27 million animals a day, over 1 million animals an hour, and almost 19,000 animals a minute! Each average meat eating person in the U.S. kills over 30 animals a year and well over 2,300 animals in their lifetime. Once again, this is not including all seafood and animals which are discarded in the production process.

Also, in the effort to make animal products as economically as possible, modern factory farming conditions exert unbelievable torture and cruelty to animals until the day which they are slaughtered. Should you be one of the many who do not desire to unnecessarily and violently take the lives of thousands of innocent beings in your lifetime, simply adopt a vegan diet. Every time you eat a meal free of animal products, rejoice and feel pride in the fact that you have spared an animal of inhumane torture, cruelty, and untimely death.

Our Planet

A fact that surprisingly often goes unnoted in our focus on a “green” movement is that the livestock industry today is one of the top two or three largest causes of environmental atrocities. The UN has determined that the cattle industry alone is responsible for 18% of the greenhouse gas emissions causing global warming. This staggering fact is due to the obscene amount of water and agriculture needed to produce edible meat, deforestation for grazing land, and methane gas released from the cows themselves. Our cars, planes, and trains together only amount to 13% of our emissions!

Beyond polluting the atmosphere, the livestock industry is rapidly eliminating many of our life sustaining resources. It can take over 100 times more fresh water to produce the same weight of meat to fruits and vegetables. Eating one pound of beef uses up more freshwater than six months of showering each day! Livestock animals graze half of the planet’s total land area! Meanwhile, the earth’s amount of fertile land is being significantly degraded. Also, deforestation and land clearing for livestock wipe out entire ecosystems, and the waste from the animals pollutes much of our land and waterways, sickening people.

For those of us who are environmentally conscious and want to help protect the future of our planet, considering giving up animal consumption is a must. Becoming and staying vegan is more valuable in being “green” than never driving a car or flying in an airplane again. Moreover, being vegan means taking a stand against supporting an industry which rapidly destroys ecosystems and taxes our depleting resources. Should you decide to be vegan for your health, countless defenseless animals, or your planet, you succeed in saving all three in the process.

Never Been Easier

Being a vegan has never been easier. We have the social support of a growing population of local groups, societies, and activists. The internet is full of websites like this one, aimed at educating and aiding vegans in their journey. We have the backing of a large body of intellectuals and celebrities. Unending research, into health, animal abuses, and the environment continue tipping the scales of moral high ground in our direction. Vegan recipes are everywhere, spanning all types of food, and there exist plenty of vegan meat and dairy substitutes to help wean people off of flesh. Vegan clothing is also easy to find and can be quite stylish.

In summary, reasons to continue the consumption of animals, once armed with knowledge of the consequences, are few and center on gluttony and/or lack of resolve and discipline. Reasons to become and stay vegan are plentiful and center on thoughtfulness, compassion, and a genuine care for your own future, animals’ future, and the future of the planet. I owe great thanks if you have taken the time to read this section, and want to mention my utmost gratitude for the documentation and research of others which paves the way to promote veganism. Now go back to the listings page and get working!